RCM – HO10



 RCM – HO10 is an emulsion based on vinyl acetate without softness.





Glue wood
 Sizing Emulsion Rugs and carpeting
 Adhesive Bookbinding
 adhesive paper and packaging
 Types of Adhesives
 Paste floor coatings





Excellent adhesion - transparent film – hard film - to suit all types of Fillers




Technical Specifications

Appearance  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Milky white emulsion

Solid content-------------------------------------------------------------------------49 - 51 %

Viscosity------------------------------------------------------------------------------100000 - 140000 cP

Ph--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - 4

MFFT (Minimum film formation temperature) ------------------------------ 14 - 16 oC

Density ------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.03 – 1.1

Remaining monomer ---------------------------------------------------------- Less than % 0.5




In 200kg drums and other packaging according to customer




Storage Conditions

Storage conditions can be stored up to six months. The closed barrel and prevent frostbite sure.




Ecological aspects

This resin is not a danger to the environment. Contact with skin causes irritation and inflammation is not.

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